Automated Monthly Exclusion Screening

As a small practice or clinic, it’s just as important to stay on top of exclusion screening as it is for larger healthcare organizations. Exclusion screening is a compliance task mandated under law by the Federal Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The OIG’s exclusion list bans individuals and entities from participating in Federal health care programs. As Medicare and Medicaid are essential payers associated with most health care organizations, you need to be sure of everyone’s exclusion status not just once, but monthly.

Exclusion Screening Saves You Money and Protects Your Reputation

An individual gets put on the OIG exclusion list because they have put patients at risk or have committed some form of program fraud. Employees who are excluded not only put your patients at risk - they also jeopardize your finances. If the OIG discovers that you employ an excluded person, you may have to pay hefty fines to the government. You also put your practice at greater risk for lawsuits, which could end up costing you additional money. More than monetary losses, the reputation of your organization is at risk through everything from word of mouth to mandatory OIG press releases and other online sources.

To help you avoid these losses, our team offers an affordable exclusion screening service that crosschecks all of your employees and vendors against the OIG's exclusion list so you can better protect your clinic. Our basic membership is completely free and protects you against OIG exclusion liability, and our premium membership gives you comprehensive protection at an affordable price. Learn more on our Memberships page.

Automated Screening Makes It Easy

Because excluded parties are added and removed from databases often, we regularly screen all of your employees at intervals to match OIG activities. Our monthly screenings let you know right away if anyone is added to the list so that you can take the appropriate action. This service is completely automated so you don't have to spend hours finding and clearing possible exclusion matches. Our exclusion screening tools save our clients endless hours of work each year.

Call us at 855.567.3552 to sign up for automated monthly exclusion screening today, or visit our site for guided, informed registration that takes minutes.