What Our Clients Say

Practice Manager

Very easy to work with. We’re a small practice with rare staffing changes, so Autopilot is really nice.

B. E.


I love Venops, great company, and the new website and features are excellent.

Great application.

A. O.

HR Manager

We switched to Venops after our previous screening service became too unresponsive. This was an easy choice and we couldn’t be more pleased.

M. R.

Compliance and Privacy Officer

After overseeing a very manual screening process at my last (very large) employer, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy Venops is to use and how it allows me to stay on top of my screening for our employees and vendors alike. I particularly appreciate the functionality of running “ad hoc” screens on individuals or new vendors with a very quick response time. I’d recommend Venops to all my compliance colleagues.

K. D.


I’m the chief compliance officer with a large east coast practice. We use Venops to screen thousands of staff and vendors multiple times each month across multiple locations. Extensive due diligence was carried out prior to choosing the right company for this service and I found Venops to be the most proficient. They continue to fulfill our needs at every corner without issue. Recommended to any healthcare professionals or administrators with a compliance program to manage.

K. L.

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

As an essential community provider, integrity sits as our primary core value, as there is no room for us to be anything less than a safe, responsible and trusted provider as we strive to improve the health and welfare of our community. As part of doing so, we need to ensure that we screen individuals and entities of which we are associated with, which is a challenging endeavor when trying to tackle it manually! Thankfully, we have found Venops, which has proven to be a fast, accurate, continuously updated tool for us to use to remain in compliance. Their system is very easy to use and the vendor search functionality is fantastic! We couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend their service.

K. P.

HR Generalist

I wish we had signed up with Venops years ago instead of our original service. Results of screening are fully investigated and returned quickly.

A. H.

Practice Manager

Venops is so easy to use! I appreciate the monthly reminders that I receive to ensure that my practice is in compliance.

K. S.

Corporate Director, Human Resources

We started using Venops in November 2022 and have been pleased with the ease of use and the great customer support. They got us up and running very quickly. It is comforting to be able to do these quick and encompassing validations of our employee’s and vendor status each month vs annually.

M. S.


Venops makes it so easy to find out if the people working for us are safe or not. I have called twice and both times been fortunate enough to speak with the Founder of the Company! What a terrific guy and what a great company. The service is stellar, and the way the program comes when downloaded makes it so easy to save each month. We are fortunate that our employees have been with us long term, so we do not have to worry about checkered backgrounds, but I can see how this would be invaluable if an employee was new. I cannot believe it is free! And it keeps us HIPAA compliant too.

D. N. B. F. T. O. O. D. N. M.