Venops has been a major provider of exclusion and sanction screening since 2014. After an invitation to participate in the AAOS Member Advantage Program in its founding year we have carried on this new tradition to offer all AAOS members a 25% discount on top-tier OIG exclusion and sanction screening. Venops is an indispensable tool, raising any compliance program to a professional level.

Use the code AAOS24 during checkout for a permanent 25% discount for a Venops account. Unlimited access to all compliance and reporting tools is included with no additional costs, including our groundbreaking provider financial transparency reporting for Sunshine Act oversight.

Click here or type in a browser to register for free, then enter the code AAOS24 during during membership purchase.

Details on all Venops compliance services and tools:

·       Exclusion and sanction screening covers all applicable state and federal authorities including the OIG LEIE, GSA SAM, Tricare, OFAC SDN, DEA, DOJ, FDA, Medicare opt out lists, and more. A complete list is included on our membership review webpage

·       Professional clearance investigations are included for all potential matches found during screens. The average rate of potential matches is 9-15% of any staff list submitted for screening. 

·       Audit-ready screening records you can retrieve in moments, at no added cost for file storage.

·       Unlimited screening at all times, so you can use Venops as needed without delay. 

·       Instant Check: A proprietary screening tool that not only identifies potential OIG LEIE or Medicare opt out list exclusions – it provides instant objective clearance. Create audit-ready records of your screening history as needed in moments.

·       Autopilot screening gives you a current screening report each month with no actions needed on your part. This tool is most prized by small to mid-size practices with less of a need for staff list updates.

·       CMS open payments reporting: Upload a list of physicians and other applicable provider types to create a financial transparency report in minutes. Fully automated. Gain complete transparency on all Sunshine Act related contributions from meals, consulting fees, royalties, or other industry-based outside revenue or income – it’s all there. 

·       Instant vendor/entity search tool: Tap directly into our proprietary exclusions and sanctions database, updated weekly, for unlimited ad hoc searches for any vendor for quick identification of potential exclusions.

Venops is appropriate for organizations of any size. We’re proud to count a number of the largest US orthopedic practices, along with numerous physician-owned practices of all sizes, as clients.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the Venops main office by calling 855-567-3552, sending a message through our Contact Us page, or schedule a short web conference here for anything you need – including a demo.