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Exclusion Screening Against Applicable Federal and State Exclusion/Sanction Lists
Investigations to Clear or Verify All Exclusion Matches
Monthly Automated Exclusion Reporting (Autopilot)
Unlimited CMS Open Payments Reporting
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What does Venops give you?

The power of a dedicated compliance specialist for your practice management.

Venops accurately identifies all possible exclusion matches from a direct-source database of all applicable exclusion and sanction authorities. More importantly, we take care of the investigations to clear any possible exclusion matches identified during screening. Your monthly exclusion report provides the documentation needed to prove your compliance and due diligence.

Automatic monthly exclusion screening with your most recent spreadsheet is included. This means if you have no staffing changes to submit for screening, you can leave your exclusion screening on Autopilot™. Each month a current Exclusion Screening Report will be generated from your most recent spreadsheet and the most up-to-date exclusions database. This monthly exclusion report provides the documentation needed to prove your due diligence in avoiding professional engagement with excluded individuals and entities.

The Venops exclusion screening membership includes complimentary access to document management and CMS Open Payments reporting. You can submit a physician spreadsheet and receive a CMS Open Payments report in minutes. A free Venops membership includes a powerful sanction screening service that keeps you in compliance with the OIG, minus the investigation service. Still, the tools and support to investigate any exclusion matches in-house are provided for you.


Open Payments Reports:

Driven by the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, open payments reporting is a value-added service included with any Venops membership. This corner of accountability has risen to be more important, due in large part to highly visible cases of financial fraud and CMS expansion. Maintaining accountability and accuracy for third-party contributions and expenses can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. This specialized report summarizes and displays all contributions reported to CMS for every physician. It also tracks all research grants, consulting fees, travel expenses… you name it.

Open Payments reporting currently applies to physicians only. However, CMS recently announced an expansion to the Open Payment’s definition of a covered recipient to include five new provider categories. These are Physician Assistants, Nurse practitioners, Clinical nurse specialists, Certified registered nurse anesthetists, and Certified nurse midwives. You can view this announcement here.


Document Management:

Perhaps you have a stack of business associate agreements in a box under your desk. At Venops we specialize in reducing the administrative workload for healthcare regulatory compliance. Document management can often be an overlooked organizational task for healthcare organizations. Venops’ document tracking and storage is an easy solution to keep these organized in one place.


Benefits Premium Membership Description
Screen to identify all possible exclusions in the OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) and in the System for Awards Management (SAM) Professional services to satisfy the minimum OIG exclusion screening requirements and a growing number of insurance carrier attestation requirements.
Access to the Venops knowledge base and all online guide content Type a question to find answers fast, or to walk you through any process with an interactive knowledge base.
Member Services online support Communicate directly with our Member Services team for efficient support when you need it.
Exclusion screening records and reports are saved and instantly reviewable any time Exclusion screening records are encrypted and saved, ready to download at a moment's notice. Records storage never expires, so you will always have complete due diligence records ready for anything - even an audit.
Expanded exclusion screening covers every applicable federal and state exclusion authority Venops' industry-leading precision and accuracy reduces CMP liability to the greatest extent possible for the most effective exclusion screening available.
Investigations of all possible exclusions found during the screening process Professional investigations for all potential exclusions discovered during screening will achieve objective clearance or verification. Typically an add-on service to raise costs with other screening service providers, this is included in every premium membership at no added cost.
Monthly Autopilot™ exclusion screening Receive a current exclusion report every month without fail. Autopilot™ activates at the end of every month to re-screen the accumulated names on your last exclusion report against the current exclusions database updated every month.
Automated CMS Open Payments Reporting Fully automated on-demand CMS open payments report creation by Venops - another example of Venops on the leading edge of future development needs. Upload a list of your physicians, and receive this report in minutes. Future versions will include SUPPORT Act updates for additional provider types.
Document tracking and management tool Securely track and organize documents with the Venops document management tool. Useful for any document with an expiration date.
Instant Check™ exclusion screening tool Works on mobile devices, this tool instantly gives you the exclusion status of anyone directly from the OIG List of Individuals and Entities (LEIE) and/or the Medicare opt out affidavits. Screening records are automatically maintained, with history reports generated by you with a few mouse clicks.

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