Venops is pleased to announce our partnership with the AAOS through the Member Advantage Program. This program provides AAOS members with a substantial discount for complete, top-tier OIG Exclusion and Sanction Screening - a critical compliance item.

Exclusion List (LEIE) screening is an OIG mandate by Health and Human Services.  It is enforceable under the Social Security Act.  The fines can grow to six figures.

If your Facility is a Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare provider, everyone you pay – including physicians, all employees, and outside vendors – must be screened against the OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities monthly. Next year the screening will include other credentialed providers like PA’s, NP’s, CRNA’s, and other mid-levels.

Venops has been a trusted exclusion screening provider since 2014.

Most practices do not screen monthly… or at all.  Our surveys have proven this.

Why? The task can consume hours and hours. There are over fifty state and federal exclusion lists. Who has the time?

With Venops, it only takes a few minutes with our automated software.

The Venops membership includes primary source clearance investigations to resolve every false positive found during the screening process and is expanded to include all state lists, Tricare, OFAC, and other sanction authorities for the most extensive risk mitigation possible. The average list has close to ten percent false positives. Those must be cleared and that takes time.

All Venops members qualify for unlimited exclusion screening each month. Screen as you hire or as needed at no additional cost.

All Venops members qualify for Autopilot screening. Autopilot sends to you a current exclusion report every month for continuous monitoring - no actions needed on your end.

An added benefit is our CMS Open Payments reporting. Upload a list of physicians (and as of next June, mid-level providers) to a CMS Open Payments report in minutes. Venops' CMS Open Payments reporting is fully automated to give you each report within ten minutes. Take control for complete transparency on all Sunshine Act related contributions. Meals, consulting fees, royalties, other industry-based outside revenue or income - it's all there.

We also include a secure document management tool at no additional charge. This simple but powerful tool is useful for managing any documents that expire such as BAAs, credentialing documentation, or other contracts.